Proudly serving the Atlanta and Decatur areas since 1998.

A Spunky Little Arts Company and Note & Key Collective provide after-school enrichment and arts education that is fun and convenient for children and adults ages 3 and up. We bring talented and fun teachers to our students in after-school, in-home and community settings.

What if your child could take weekly classes before being picked up from school or in your after-care program? What if you could have a drawing or piano teacher come to you, in your home? Launched by Christie and Adam Kuropatwa, both teachers and parents, Spunky Arts and Note & Key understand the challenges of balancing work with after-school care and finding convenient skill-building classes for your children. We are dedicated to providing high-quality enrichment programming that appeals to both students and parents.

The community-centered nature of our team strives to serve students, parents, local schools, after-school programs, and homeschooling families, as well as, the larger community by making our programs available where your children are, instead of driving around and waiting for classes to finish. Parents finish work or chores and kids build skills while having fun!

By bringing classes to you, we hope to help make it possible for more learners to enjoy the arts and develop important skills.



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Every child is born with creativity and has an undeniable motivation to create and learn.